💳 We accept cash, debit cards* with a chip and PIN (excluding Chime), and DutchiePay (no fee) 💳
*Debit cards are charged an additional $3 fee
**See the bottom of the page for more details

DELIVERY30 & FREEJAY Promo Codes: Can only be applied to delivery orders. DELIVERY30 & FREEJAY codes applied to pickup and curbside orders will not be honored.

Delivery minimum: $25 after discounts but before taxes.

Release of Information: When ordering from RAIR, you acknowledge and agree to release information necessary to fulfill an online order.

RAIR Home Delivery: The guest who placed the order must be home and present at the time of delivery. Home Delivery is available to any residential address. Delivery time windows are estimates and may change. In the event of a delay, store staff will reach out to you.

Payments: Both debit cards and cash will be accepted upon the pickup or delivery your order. Please note that your Order Total cannot surpass your financial institution Daily ATM Withdrawal limits (i.e. $400, $500, etc.) and may impact the number of products that can be purchased at one time. Please check with your Bank or Financial Institution to verify Daily Withdrawal Limits.

Debit Card Disclaimer: If using a debit card for a delivery purchase, our payment processing system operates on 3G/4G wireless network. Please note that we will attempt your delivery, but if you are in a dead zone where we will not have service to process your order, we will be unable to make the delivery. A notification will be sent to communicate cancellation. Cash is accepted as an alternative.

Debit Card Fee: A $3.00 vendor payment processing fee will be applied to all debit card payments.

Debit Card, Reverse Debit System: Basically, works like an ATM. Your debit card will be charged in $10.00 increments above your total. For example, your order total is $102.50. Your debit card will be charged $110.00, plus the $3.00 fee for a total of $113.00. You will receive $7.50 back ($110.00-$102.50=$7.50). If you have any questions, please contact us.

RAIR Rewards: For every $1 your spend on products, you earn 1 point. Points earned are based on the products you purchase, not including taxes. E.g. a $20 worth of products with taxes will equal a total of $22.20, therefore you earn 20 points.

Cannabinoid and terpene reported values may vary by up to 10%.