RAIR Cannabis stands out due to our exclusive aeroponic cultivation method, which maintains a soil-free environment from clone to harvest. This innovative approach ensures minimal contamination. Our operation is supported by advanced automation software, enabling remote monitoring of crucial environmental factors. Afterward, our cannabis undergoes a meticulous drying and slow curing process to guarantee premium quality for our valued consumers.

Our cultivation division is purpose-built for producing the purest cannabis using state-of-the-art agricultural automation. Unlike traditional growing methods, our aeroponic process significantly minimizes contamination risks while allowing real-time adjustments to the growth conditions.

Our unique grow recipes are meticulously blended and applied using automated procedures, granting us complete control over our crop. This consistency ensures that consumers can always count on a high-quality product, every time they choose RAIR.

Furthering our dedication to sustainability, we’re proud to reclaim an impressive 19,800 out of the 20,000 gallons of water we use daily, emphasizing our strong commitment to eco-conscious practices. In addition, as part of this commitment, we’ve launched a preroll tube recycling program. Through this initiative, we actively collect used preroll tubes from our customers and partner dispensaries, ensuring their proper recycling and repurposing. This proactive approach significantly reduces plastic waste while championing environmental conservation.

At RAIR, we go beyond just offering exceptional products; we’re on a mission to educate our consumers about the cannabinoids and terpenes present in each of our offerings. By eliminating the ambiguity surrounding terms like “Indica” and “Sativa,” we employ a sliding color scale to convey the effects and strain information at a glance, guided by the terpenes. The brighter the color, the more energy consumers can anticipate, and vice versa, thanks to the unique terpene profiles in our products.

We believe that the more informed our customers are about our products, the more intuitive and streamlined their shopping and consumption experience can be.

This has to be hands down the best dispensary I’ve been to so far. When you first walk in you are greeted by the friendliest receptionist in a beautifully naturally lit room. Very classy environment. The wait was very short when we arrived for our morning shopping trip. When I was able to enter the sales floor I met a nice young woman and I believe it was her first day. She was obviously quite new. She still did an amazing job. It looks like they put a lot of work into developing their staff. It makes sense since everyone is so ready to answer questions and be helpful. Most other dispensaries I feel rushed or like the transaction is insincere. Not the case here. The product was great. We will definitely be back many more times to come.

Weed Connoisseur

RAIR Lowell

RAIR Kalamazoo