Artificial light and circulating air up top / Nutrient misting system on the bottom

Aeroponics is a style of growing where the roots of the plant are suspended in the air as the nutrients and water are delivered via a system that continually mists the roots. Rair Systems exclusively uses this technique to grow our products.


  • Roots are in full contact with oxygen at all times where roots can thrive.
  • Nutrients dissolved in the water are being directly applied to the roots.
  • Not using soil prevents pests from interfering with the grow process and eliminates having to use pesticides.
  • Flowers grown with aeroponics are known to blossom with ripe trichomes and in high yields.
  • High degree of control for growers (consistency in products).
  • Average grow cycle is 60 days instead of 90 days in soil.
  • Water is able to be recycled.


  • Expensive