Undrafted is not a brand. It’s a story about how one of the greatest defensive players ever to play in the NBA earned his place in history.

It’s about Ben Wallace, who in September 2021 became the first undrafted player inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame.

Undrafted is about his determination to become one of the best of all time, whatever it takes.

This is Detroit’s story, as much as Ben’s, and it inspires the approach to Undrafted.

His image is a collage, several years of Ben photos layered and meshed to look like the graffiti homages throughout the city. There’s no hiding the scratches and scars, but neither Ben nor Detroit would have it any other way. The honest, weathered look is balanced with vibrant street art and styles, giving life to imagery used in the branding.

“Throughout my whole life, I learned that hard work pays off. My mom showed me every day. Then when I started playing basketball in high school, I felt it.

The harder I worked, the better I got. It didn’t matter where I played, driveway courts or school gyms. You grind it out, you keep moving forward. To nicer driveways and bigger gyms. Bigger opponents, too.

Sometimes it was just grit and will. Mentors who saw it drove me to practice, and I kept moving forward. A never ending hunt to be the best, whatever it takes. This brand is about all of that.”


Ben Wallace is a former professional basketball player renowned for his exceptional defensive skills and his influential role with the Detroit Pistons during the early 2000s. Born on September 10, 1974, in White Hall, Alabama, Wallace overcame humble beginnings to become one of the most dominant defensive players in the history of the NBA.

Wallace’s basketball journey began at Virginia Union University, where he honed his skills as a center and gained recognition for his shot-blocking and rebounding abilities. Despite going undrafted in the 1996 NBA Draft, his determination led him to sign with the Washington Bullets (now the Washington Wizards) as an undrafted free agent.

However, it was with the Detroit Pistons that Ben Wallace truly made his mark. Wallace became a key pillar of the “Goin’ to Work” Pistons, who epitomized tough defense and teamwork. His tenacity, shot-blocking prowess, and unmatched ability to control the boards earned him multiple NBA Defensive Player of the Year awards and four NBA All-Star selections during his career.

The crowning achievement of Wallace’s career came in 2004 when he played an integral role in leading the Pistons to an NBA championship, stunning the heavily favored Los Angeles Lakers. Wallace’s defensive presence in the paint and his knack for clutch plays made him a fan favorite in Detroit and solidified his status as one of the league’s premier defenders.

Throughout his career, Ben Wallace played for several other teams, including the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers, before retiring in 2012. His impact on the game extended beyond his statistics, as he symbolized the importance of hard work, determination, and selflessness on the basketball court.

Ben Wallace’s legacy as a dominant defensive force and an NBA champion has left an indelible mark on the sport of basketball. He will always be remembered as a symbol of resilience and an inspiration to aspiring athletes worldwide.